At Beck Row Primary Academy, our motto is ‘To Inspire, To Achieve’; our school is a safe, calm and orderly place where everyone feels secure, valued and respected – encouraged at every step to do their very best.

Across the academy, we have clear expectations for behaviour, and these are displayed in all classrooms and around the school.

We follow these 5 Golden Rules:

  1. I Listen
  2. I use my manners
  3. I put my hand up
  4. I help others
  5. I tidy up

In our assemblies we follow Values for Life. We use these fundamental values as a starting point for all of our children to become kind, caring and considerate citizens. Through our assemblies and classwork we use these values to think about how we can  make good choices. These values are reinforced through our Friday sharing assemblies with certificates for the value for the half term.