Senior Leadership Team

Mr Steven Vincent – Executive Principal and Regional Education Director

Mrs Fiona Reid – Interim Principal (SEND and DDSL – Safeguarding)

Mr David Hicks – DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Other Leadership

Miss Karen Saunders (English Curriculum Leader)

Mrs Jess Fowler-Simpson (Curriculum Leader)

Miss Olivia Goddard (Early Years Co-Ordinator)

Miss Laura Gallagher (Key Stage 1 Co-Ordinator)

Teaching Staff 

Mrs Wendy Schofield (Supply Teacher) – Early Years – Hedgehog Class

Miss Olivia Goddard –  Early Years – Kingfisher Class

Mrs Kim Ashby (Supply Teacher) – Year 1 – Badger Class

Miss Laura Gallagher  – Year 1/2 – Rabbit Class

Mr Danny Smith – Year 2 – Fox Class

Miss Katy Feather –  Year 3 – Squirrel Class

Mrs June Carton – Year 4 – Otter Class

Mrs Jess Fowler-Simpson – Year 5 – Kestrel Class

Mrs Nansi Flack – Year 6 – Owl Class

Support Staff 

Mrs Mandy Butcher – Teaching Assistant

Mr Paul Morris – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Toni Hudson – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jenni de Dozsa – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Catherine Park – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Linnet Booth – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Joy Marr – Teaching Assistant

Miss Emma Wood – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Gemma King – Teaching Assistant

Miss Harriett Almond – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jenny Spark – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hayley Hutt – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kerry Parker – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Claire Harmsworth – Pastoral Support Officer

Mrs Joanne Blackman – Office Manager – Administration

Mrs Sarah Hamill – Admissions and Data Administrator

Miss Michelle Smith – HR and Finance Administrator

Mrs Lynda Grayson – Midday Supervisor

Mrs Julie Suddery-DeLuca – Midday Supervisor

Miss Amanda Slack – Midday Supervisor

Mrs Rachel Bartlett – Midday Supervisor

Ms Sarah Hills – Cleaner

Mrs Theresa Marsh – Cleaner

Mrs Nicola Grayson – Cleaner

Mr Paul Myhill – Site Manager

Mr Simon Crisp – Site Assistant