Key Stage 1 – Bubble Closure (20.11.20) Learning 

Badgers and Rabbits Home Learning Work

English Week Beginning 23.11.20

Maths Week Beginning 23.11.20

English Week Beginning 30.11.20

Maths Week Beginning 30.11.20

Phonics Booklet

Here are the common exception words for Year 1. Please choose a few words each day and practice reading and spelling them.



Foxes Home Learning Work

Maths Week Beginning 23.11.20

English Week Beginning 23.11.20

English Week Beginning 30.11.20

Maths Week Beginning 30.11.20

Phase 5 Phonics Activity Booklet

Here are the Common Exception words for Year 2. Choose 5 words each day to practice in your red spelling book.


Here are some reading comprehensions. Choose one each day to complete. Each comprehension has 3 reading levels, choose a level best suited to you.

Butterfly-life-cycle comprehension

Minibeasts comprehension

Fox Comprehension

Little-red-riding-hood comprehension

Goldilocks-and-the-three-bears comprehension


KS1 Phonics

Please watch the videos to hear how to pronounce each phoneme.

Phase 2 Sounds Video

Phase 3 Sounds Video

Phase 5 Sounds Video


Here are some videos to help you read words by blending the sounds.

Phase 3 Lesson Videos 

air er ure

ar or er

ch sh th

igh oa oo oo

ng ai ee

ow oi ear

Phase 5 Learning Videos

a-e e-e i-e o-e u-e

ay ou ie

ea oy ir

ew ew au ey

ue ue aw

wh ph oe


Key Stage One Topic Work

Topic Week Beginning 231120

Topic Week Beginning 301120

For this weeks topic activities children will be completing DT activities and will need a selection of cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, sellotape etc for Junk Modelling


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Some useful links to learning which can be accessed online: – Year 1 are currently looking at Phase 3 and 5a. Year 2 will be looking at Phase 5b.