Class Teacher: Mrs Fowler-Simpson

Home Learning.

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Our Timetable.


This half-term, we are beginning our learning by reading Michael Morpurgo’s retelling of the myth Beowulf.

We will be developing our previous learning around stories with historical settings to travel back to Anglo-Saxon times, reading about the defeat of Grendel.

Following this, we will be writing an explanation text based on ‘How to kill a monster’.

Nearer half-term, we will enjoy Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, retold by Marcia Williams, drawing on the original story to develop our understanding of playscripts.

We will also use this text as the inspiration to write a newspaper report about events from the story.


Over the year, we will be looking at these texts to help us with our learning in English lessons:


Over the half-term, we will be returning to some of the key mathematical concepts that we have already looked at in order to develop our understanding of these further.

We will begin by revising our understanding of the four calculations, in order to use these methods when working with money.

We will return to fractions, linking these to decimals and percentages; including finding equivalents of them all.

Later in the half-term, we will look at geometry to find the size of angles and position points and shapes on a grid with co-ordinates. We will also learn about reflection and translation.


Below is our overall plan for mathematics this year. Where possible, this is the order in which each mathematics strand will be taught:

We cover strands more than once to help us to embed our learning.

Wider Curriculum.

Our current topic is: Smashing Saxons.

Hundreds of years ago, many parts of England were populated by the Anglo-Saxons. These courageous warriors battled many other civilizations including the Romans, winning large swathes of British land as their kingdoms.

We are going to investigate where exactly these warriors lived, what life was like for them, and what made them successful soldiers.

We will explore the religions that were followed, how leisure time was enjoyed and how those, who broke the rules, were punished.

Finally, we will discover how power was lost throughout battles, forcing the Anglo-Saxons to flee Britain.

Physical Education.

We have PE lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays however, this is flexible if other things are happening in school. It is, therefore, important to bring our PE kit in at the beginning of each week.

Helping your Child at Home.

Hear your child read regularly.

Practice the weekly spellings.

Help your child to learn their number bonds and help them increase their speed at reciting them.

Support your child with their weekly home learning.

Useful Links.